Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eye Problems Causing Headaches

Do you often suffer from headaches? What are some factors which causes headaches?
High astigmatism can cause headaches and may be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lens. However some people have also successfully treated by refractive surgery, like Lasik. It is important to exclude other common factors that may contribute to eye strain. One factor is presbyopia, which occurs naturally when a person reaches 40 - 45 years, in which the focusing muscles of the eye become weaker with age. This result in a person having difficulty reading small print and tiredness. But it can be overcome by prescribing reading glasses. The next common cause is dry eyes, which can be overcome by using eye-drops. Some headaches may not be caused by the eye but rather from poor posture or neck strain. And this is common with people who spent long hours in from of the computer.


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